I am emerging and growing as my work emerges and grows.

This journey isn’t something that I want to do alone and I know that I cannot do this work without your support, collaboration, and love. Patreon is a sustainable and affordable way to invest in design strategists like me through monthly contributions. Starting at $1 a month, you can help elevate my financial wellbeing and support the advancement of my collaborative work as a facilitator, researcher, writer, and advocate.

If you care about the creativity and wellbeing of Black women, I invite you to check out my Patreon Page and consider becoming a patron.


When you pledge, your monthly contributions will support:

  • Continued development and collaboration to build a collective that provides more accessible workshops, participatory research, and design and health conversations.

  • Writing blogs and articles to broaden the perspective of design as a transformative tool for healing and discuss the intersections of design justice, health equity, and Black women.

  • Hosting online hangouts featuring designers, artists, health practitioners, healers, advocates, community organizers, and writers.


additional ways to support the work

Prototyping supplies to test and experiment with ideas

During our sessions, we use nimble materials that can be easily and quickly manipulated to bring a concept to life. You can check out a list of materials to donate from our Amazon Wish List.

Food to nourish participants during our design and healing sessions

I make an intentional effort to purchase items that support mental and physical health. Contributions for light snacks, fruit, vegetables, lunches, dinners, tea and water could make a significant difference.

Space to gather and be in community throughout Baltimore City

Welcoming spaces accessible via public transportation are appreciated.
Our sessions average 3-5 hours and every space that we enter is treated with respect.

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