For Arrivals: Welcoming What Comes When the Whole World Opens Up


I’ve been pulling cards lately.

The Orisha cards.
Cards online.
Cards offline.

But most recently, I’ve been drawn to the Motherpeace tarot deck.


It started last week when I entered The Book Thing of Baltimore and did my routine browsing, beginning at the Women’s literature section, right as you enter the space. I take the discovery process seriously, so I was intent on walking out with either something for myself or for someone else. Looking at each book, one by one. Judging them by their covers. Unapologetically.

Top shelf. Clean spine. I spotted Motherpeace.

I had recognized the name from a group tarot session that I participated in almost a year ago when I wasn’t quite sure what my relationship with tarot could be or how I would begin to integrate it into my everyday life. At the time, I didn’t think that this particular deck was for me. But now, I’m certain that I was reintroduced at quite the divine time when transitions are deep, and guidance is strongly desired. So, I purchased the deck.

The card that lingers with me was pulled in my Higher Power position: The World. Vicki Noble, the creator and author, struck me with her description of the card’s meaning:

“You have reached completion on some work, the end of one phase and the very expansive beginning of another. You may not know exactly what the change means, but clearly it brings growth.

Rather than a feeling of finishing something, you probably feel a beginning taking place. The whole world opens up before you — all possibility is offered and you feel capable of embracing whatever comes with this new start.”

Everything about this describes how I’m feeling through this transition from being deep in research and designing a pilot program for two years to now entering the depths of business development. It is a challenge to describe how I am now seeing myself in relationship to the work after birthing and being apart of an experience that feels hard to put into words.

And, I’m also feeling ready to go forth in this work and welcome what else may come when the world continues to open up, offering me possibilities to personally transform as I pursue transformative work.


The Motherpeace Tarot Deck

Purchased at Crystals, Candles & Cauldrons in Baltimore, MD

I don’t have all of the answers or all of the words because I’m not supposed to. Opening up to this experience of developing a relationship with this new deck, a spiritual companion and guide, is showing me that all that needs to be shown or revealed to me to inform next steps will arrive exactly when I need to receive the information.

I close one phase to enter the beginning of another. I’ve yet to see what world opens up before me. I’m choosing to embrace whatever comes with this new start.