Goodbye Desire Map Planning, Hello Unbound

Four years ago, I didn’t anticipate developing a deep connection with a system designed for integrating my deepest desires into my day-to-day. Discovering Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map Planner changed the way I understood time, set goals, and approached my to-do lists.

It was everything that I needed, for a long time. A dear companion. A diary. A soul-filled planning system.

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Less Brokenness, More Peace

When you’re so used to feeling pain and experiencing loss and heartbreak and trauma, you start to believe you are that pain, loss, heartbreak, and trauma. It’s a toxic relationship that you become attached to, dangerously dependent upon, and it’s scary to think that you may lose the very part of yourself that has been so close, so comforting even with its psychological turmoil and self-destructive patterns.

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